Storied Bars of New York: Where Literary Luminaries Go to Drink

Storied Bars of New York: Where Literary Luminaries Go to Drink

Ratings : 4/5 from 2381 reviews
Publisher : Countryman Press
ISBN : 1682680460
Release Date : Jun, 06 2017

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Apr, 21 2018

Product Description

Explore the fabled past and vibrant present of New York’s literary bar scene

Want to know what it’s like to pull up a stool with the likes of Hemingway, Updike, or Capote? Curious how Jay McInerney takes his martini, or where to find Colson Whitehead’s favorite neighborhood bar? For well-read drinkers and boozy bookworms everywhere comes Storied Bars of New York, a photographic and historical celebration of the best literary pubs, cocktail bars, and taverns of New York City. Every chapter profiles an influential bar and comes complete with photographs, a laundry list of the writerly clientele, a recipe for the establishment’s signature cocktail (as well as which authors were likely to order it), and a snapshot of its place in New York culture at the time of its eminence, as demonstrated by quotes from authors and excerpts from magazine reviews.

In a city where there is almost too much to explore, this guide will make finding your favorite erudite-cool drinking spot that much easier.
50 color photographs